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  • Sherry Muldoon, PowerKenpo Testimonials

    Love this karate studio!! My son's confidence and focus has really changed since he has started. The instructors are so personable and helpful. They really care about bringing up well balance, healthy, and focused kiddos!! Just love them!!

    Sherry Muldoon
  • Gaby Romaine, PowerKenpo Testimonials

    We joined PowerKenpo when my kids were 4 & 3 and now they are 16 & 14. We moved away for 3 years and when we returned, my kids wanted to return. This is not only due to the owner who runs the studio and the instructors but also to the students.

    They welcomed my kids back with open arms and have remained after class to help them get caught up. My son has ADHD and PowerKenpo helped with his concentration and behavior. The classes, camps, birthday parties and self-defense classes are always very well done and fairly priced.

    Karate has given my kids confidence and self-discipline plus I know they can protect themselves.

    Gaby Romaine
  • Morgan Hutto, PowerKenpo Testimonials

    We love PowerKenpo Karate! These days I feel as if it is our home away from home! It has provided a positive outlet for me in the adult classes and has given discipline opportunities for my daughter! She has learned important life lessons more than just Karate such as Discipline, being Honest, being Patient, being Cooperative, and next she will learn about Determination! I recommend this for anyone!

    Morgan Hutto
  • Mai Le Weakley, PowerKenpo Testimonials

    This family friendly Kenpo Karate studio cares about their students and have a passion for equipping their students with martial arts to the best of their abilities ! They know all the students by names and also focus on life techniques such as etiquettes and manners! Sifu genuinely cares for every student and you can see it in his enthusiasm in every class! So glad we found this place for our little one to grow in. I know this Kenpo karate studio makes significant difference in my son's development and I am always grateful!

    Mai Le Weakley
  • Sonu Thomas, PowerKenpo Testimonials

    My son loves this place. Great teachers. They throw awesome parties also. Cut your cake with a ninja sword!

    Sonu Thomas
  • Aimee Brown, PowerKenpo Testimonials

    Family-friendly place. Great instructors who care. Offers a complete, fun, and safe program geared toward anyone at an fitness or health level. My highest recommendation.

    Aimee Brown
  • Gilda Joyner, PowerKenpo Testimonials

    Our family LOVES this karate studio! My two girls joined last year, after watching my husband attend for the past 6 yrs. The staff is absolutely wonderful, especially owner, Sifu Jim Dryburgh. He is great with adults and even more amazing with kids. Not only do my girls learn karate, but also self defense, respect and valuable life lessons. I've noticed increased confidence, and better behavior since they have attended. I also love that Sifu emphasizes powerful words each month for the kids. It adds so much value!

    Finally, just want to add that we drive from Frisco every week (even though there are tons of studios closer to us). We just haven't seen anyone else run a studio so smoothly and passionately...makes it worth the commute!

    Gilda Joyner
  • Mark Brohard, PowerKenpo Testimonials

    This has been a great activity for me and my daughter; this is something we do together and grow as a family. They have helped us with our fitness, flexibility, breathing, knowledge, core strength, body mechanics and overall health. This is a unique sport that can be done at all different age levels and is also very helpful in other sports. The Instructors are inspirational in developing personal goals and are motivational in achieving those goals. I highly recommend Jim and the PowerKenpo Team.

    Mark Brohard
  • Joe Joyner, PowerKenpo Testimonials

    My girls and I go to Power Kenpo. It is a great activity to do with the kids. The girls learn self defense and self discipline and we all get a great workout!

    Joe Joyner
  • One of the best things about your program is that it's something that the participant earns by him or herself through their own hard work and dedication. It's not mommy or daddy making it easy on them, and it's not competitive where you benefit from the defeat of others. Having the class watch her try (and try again) until she got it fosters a supportive environment, and it really means something when the students cheer on each other to success. Claire was so excited to get her stripe tonight and repeatedly let us know how proud she was of herself. It's that grit and perseverance that I want her to learn, and I thank you for helping her grow!

    Way-Way Pee, Carrollton TX


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