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Jim Dryburgh in Carrollton - PowerKenpo

Jim Dryburgh

Sifu Jim Dryburgh started training in 1993 because his brother talked him into it. From the very first class, though, he was hooked. He earned his Black Belt in 2000 under Sifu Rick Fowler, and started an apprenticeship to learn what he needed to open his own studio. In 2002, he received his 2nd Degree Black Belt, and in October of that year, PowerKenpo opened in Carrollton, Texas. Currently ranked as a 5th Degree Black Belt, he teaches karate six or seven days a week. When he's not teaching and training, he's a marathon and trail runner with a goal of running a 100 mile ultramarathon and he's studying Kinesiology at the University of North Texas.

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