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School's going back in, and it's time to think about where we want to go.  Over the first five weeks of school, we'll be having mat chats about how to make this the Best School Year Ever.

We'll be talking about things like setting goals - WRITTEN goals.  We'll be talking about using short, medium and long term goals to get big things done.  We'll be talking about better ways to study, about time management, about being proactive and getting ahead of the curve, talking to you parents and teachers when you need help BEFORE you get into a hole. 

Add to that that we'll be building strong bodies to support improved brain function. Read more about it in a great book by John Ratey - Spark  It's about the science of exercise and the brain.  Find it on Amazon or elsewhere, but read it.  We have people who stop training to focus on school, and that's almost exactly the opposite of what you should do. 

This coming year should be your child's Best School Year Ever.  We're thinking about ways we can help make that happen.

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