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Labor Day!  Here's a special offer for private coaching sessions!

I'll be doing a short private coaching session Monday at the studio with a student, but other than that, it's an off day.  That means I'll get up, run trails, work in the yard, do some cleaning, work on my laptop for a while. Lots to do, but it's going to be relaxing.  

Back to the private class - I usually do 15-minute private classes with Juniors and Little Dragons, and 15-30 minute classes with adults.  Often, the parent will do 15 and the child will do 15. Sometimes, both need the same material and we do it together. 

Private classes can shave months off your time to the next belt!  I do a private session almost every week with Rick Fowler, and it really helps keep me focused and moving forward. 

As a bonus for Labor day, you can get a free private class when you purchase four private classes.  

$100 = four 15-minute private sessions, plus one bonus 15-minute session.  

$200 - four 30-minute private sessions, plus one bonus 30-minute session.  

Click the link below to get your four classes AND your free bonus class. Put one in the cart for the 15-minute offer, and put two in the cart for the 30-minute offer. We'll coordinate a time to do your private class.

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