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Karate starts at Carrollton Classical Academy on Monday, September 19!  

We'll do a class from 3:05PM to 5:50PM, and then we'll do 15 minutes of stretching and flexibility work while some kids leave for carpool and other kids come in from other activities like Good News Club.  At 4:05PM, we'll start our second class of the day, and we'll be done at 4:35PM.

Students can do either class, or both, and they also get to come to the karate studio once a week for another day of classes.  You can check out the class schedule online, and follow this map link for directions to the studio.

You can register by calling the studio at 972.358.0378 to register over the phone, or click the links below.

  • Initial tuition includes the uniform, white belt, karate training guide and string backpack. 
    • $99 gets you the gear and one month of karate - click HERE to register. 
    • $249 gets you the gear and three months of karate - click HERE to register.

Call us any time at 972.358.0378 with any questions, comments, or suggestions.  

Jim Dryburgh



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