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We will be conducting Belt Testing all week at the studio!  

Students who have received all stripes are eligible to test.  Here's how it works:

Once you have all the stripes, fill out the Belt Testing Application and turn it in.

We'll do a short 'pretest' in class, and then your child will receive the 'Certificate of Intent to Promote'.

He or she should take this form to school and ask his or her teacher to sign, confirming to us that your child's behavior at school is acceptable.  The teacher is recommending your child for promotion.

Parents also need to sign the form, confirming that your child is applying the lessons we teach in class to his or her everyday life.

Bring the certificate back and turn it in. We'll test your child for the next belt.  

After the successful completion of the test, we'll return the certificate to you along with a Belt Certificate for your child's new rank.

It's a bit complicated, but we want kids to be thinking about how they act on and off the mat. When we talk about respect and self-discipline, we aren't just talking about doing that in karate class.  We've seen some really stunning improvement in kids as they work to make sure they'll get those signatures, and kids really like getting their teachers at school involved. It's a big part of their lives, and this gives them a chance to share it without seeming immodest.


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