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Creeping Obesity - the average American adult gains 2.5 lbs. a year. That adds up over time - and about half of it happens between Thanksgiving and New Year's! It doesn't have to be that way, though.


At the karate studio, we lay it out this way: you work all year to get better, and in June, you're awesome. If you take the summer off, you'll fall back and spend September, Ocrtober and November getting back to where you were in June. But if you keep training, even if you just hold even over the summer, you can spend September through October getting ahead instead of getting even. 

Here's how it works for you: sign up now for our FOUR WEEKS FREE program. You'll get a uniform, white belt, karate training guide and string backpack, and you'll get four weeks of healthy activity to help you stay ahead - or at least not get behind - over the holidays. If you decide that you love it and want to do more, you can, but there's no obligation.


Start your FOUR WEEKS FREE before the end of December and we'll throw in a bonus - we'll extend your free time through the end of the year! What do you have to lose - besides a pound or two?


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