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AnchorIf your child is coming to karate camp:

Start the day off wearing short and t-shirt, or any clothes that are comfortable to move in.

Bring the karate uniform and belt - we'll be changing into karate uniforms after morning snack.

We'll start the day with stretching and flexibility, rolling and falling, jumping and running.  We'll do lots of basics, including kicking, blocking and hitting.  

Morning snack, afternoon snack and lunch is included, but feel free to send other food or snacks for your child.   

From 10AM to 3PM, we'll do lots of karate. We're trying to help campers get stripes and belts!

Lunch is Noon to 1PM.

We'll spend the last hour and a half playing games and finishing off our karate skills. Camp ends at 4:30, and we'll give the kids another snack and let them watch movies until evening classes start. We suggest that Little Dragons should be picked up by the end of the Little Dragon class at 5:30PM, and Juniors can stay until the end of evening classes at 7PM.

And then we'll be back on Tuesday for another great day of classes!

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