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Summer is here, and this is the time of year when people often ask about Self Defense. 

With kids leaving for college and college kids coming back, parents are understandably interested in making sure that kids have the training they need to be safe.

The Live Safe Program focuses on creating safe habits - things that we will do automatically to make an attack less likely.

The karate classes burn in the motor skills needed to make surviving a physical assault more likely.

Backing up, let's talk about what happens when a 'bad guy' is involved. This could be an experience criminal, a bully, or just someone seeing a target of opportunity - your kid.

First, the Bad Guy selects the target.

Next, the Bad Guy tests the target.

If the target fails the test, the Bad Guy stages the actual attack.

Your goal is for your kid not to be selected. They just look like too much work.

Your next goal is for your kid, if selected, to pass the test and discourage the attacker from proceeding.

We're not going to spend a lot of time doing military style active shooter drills. We're going to do things that your kid is likely to need, in areas where our training can most likely make a difference.

Live Safe helps build safe habits.  The karate classes burn in the motor skills needed to block a punch, break a choke, kick or strike a target.  They go together, and reinforce each other.

One big problem during the summer is that nobody has time. We used to do an 8-week self defense camp; people had a hard time getting to the sessions.  With our karate program, though, we have classes six days a week, with multiple classes on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday. It's easy to find a time that fits into a busy summer schedule of vacations, work, parties, and just relaxing.  

The Live Safe Self Defense Classes are free.  Class times are 1:30 to 2:30PM on Saturday June 10, July 22 and August 12.  Come to one or all three, and bring your friends.

The karate classes happen six days a week.  You can find the schedule of classes HERE.

Karate classes are $169 per month. People who live locally can take advantage of our Four Weeks Free program.

Call us at 972.358.0378 for more information, or come by the studio.  Here's a map link.



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