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The top two things people want to know are:

1. What does it cost?
2. Does the class schedule work for us?

You can find the schedule HERE.

We find that most people don’t know much about karate, so they ask about things that they do know about – and they understand money, and they’ll know if our schedule matches their schedule.

We also find that people understand VALUE. Most people don’t buy the least expensive product because they know it’s usually not very good. Most people don’t drive the cheapest car or live in the cheapest place they can live because they understand that less is not always the best thing for you.

That’s what’s great about our FOUR WEEKS FREE program! When you arrive at the studio to join the program, you’ll pay just $25 for your gear – the uniform, white belt, karate training guide and string backpack – and your tuition isn’t due until day 28.

Your first four weeks are free, and if it’s not right for you, just let us know and we’ll cancel your program before your tuition is due – no stress, no strings, no pressure.

Our programs include Unlimited Classes – you can come as often as you’d like. After Day 28, karate tuition is $139 per month for Little Dragons, and $169 per month for Juniors, Teens, and Adults.

If you feel great about the program and you let us know by day 14 that you’re staying with us, we’ll give you back the $25 you paid for your gear.

Family Discount: 15% off for the second family member, 35% for the third, and half off for the fourth. All other immediate family members are free.

Other Benefits:

  • Every month, we host a Parent’s Night Out! Admission is free for students and their siblings.
  • Studio members get priority registration for camps and other events.
  • Our Belt Testing fee is just $20, and we do not charge a fee for Black Belt.
  • Students with the Black Stripe – those who have made a commitment to Black Belt – get FREE Belt Testing, 10% off for camps, and 20% off for shirts, gear, and other retail sales.
  • Birthday parties cost $399, but students pay just $249, and students with the Black Stripe pay just $199. Our parties include 25 guests, and we provide everything – pizza and juice, cake and ice cream, an hour of karate led by a Black Belt Instructor, and an hour of food and movies.
  • Students get a FREE 15-minute private coaching session every year as a birthday gift.

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