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We won't be teaching karate at Trivium this fall, but just about all of our Trivium families will be continuing in the program.  They get to keep their Trivium karate tuition, and they'll do all of their classes at the studio. 

If you're a Trivium Family, you can get the special Trivium price if you join the program by August 25th.  Trivium families pay $99 per month for two days of classes each week.

You can register by calling the studio at 972.358.0378 to register over the phone, or click the links below.

Initial tuition includes the uniform, white belt, karate training guide and string backpack.

$99 gets you the gear and one month of karate - click HERE to register. 

$249 gets you the gear and three months of karate - click HERE to register.

Class times at the studio - here's a link to the schedule

Here's a map link to the studio.

What makes our programs so good for kids?  Check out the program pages for Little Dragons and Juniors on our website.  

Call us any time at 972.358.0378 with any questions, comments, or suggestions.  



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