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BHA Fall Karate starts on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 3PM!

The program provides a good introduction to the martial arts for new students, and continued skill improvement for returning students. We’re developing motor skills and cognitive skills, learning skills that students can use in karate class, in school, at home and in sports.

We feature Powerful Words, the number one character development program for martial arts studios. Our holistic approach is aimed at developing kids who are mentally sharp, physically strong, morally courageous and technically proficient.

Your karate program at BHA includes one class each week at BHA, and another class at the karate studio. We’ll have classes at the karate studio all through the holidays, so you can register early and start seeing the benefits of martial arts training right away.

This is an 11-week program. Karate tuition includes BHA and studio classes. New students will receive the uniform, white belt, karate training guide and string backpack; returning students will receive replacement equipment as needed during the program.

Fall Semester for 1 child:  $225

Fall Semester for 2 children:  $425

Fall & Spring Semesters for 1 child:  $425

Fall & Spring Semesters for 2 children:  $800

Fall Semester for 3 children:  $625

Fall & Spring Semesters for 3 children:  $1175

Fall Semester starts on 9/20/17, ends on 12/6/17, with no class on 11/22/17.

Spring Semester starts on 1/10/18, ends on 3/28/18, with no class on 3/14/18.


Register over the phone at 972.358.0378, or online by clicking the links above. 


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